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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Breaking News

Following the historic meeting yesterday between Pope Francis and the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, the first meeting between the heads of the Western and Eastern Christian Church since the schism in the 11th Century it has emerged that they also brokered a deal in which two of the greatest Bloggers and Geocachers of all time, Masher and Kennamatic, have finally held face to face talks.

It is understood that Kennamatic flew into the country yesterday under the guise of an old bloke coming to attend a Pool Operators course and then disappeared but we believe he has taken up temporary residence in St Albans, a place he first visited when just a child of seven to see the ruins of Verulanium. Masher left his house this morning to attend a small gathering in honour of his nieces birthday and then slipped away from the prying eyes of the World's media via the back door where it was assumed he had left for hospital in order to have surgery on a recently announced rectal problem.

We now understand that he made his way to a secret location in North Hertfordshire where a car arrived shortly after and a person, believed to be Kennamatic, hurried in, where they finally met to discuss the World's problems and their solutions to them.

As yet no pictures of this truly great moment have emerged other than one below showing a feast of cheese and chive crisps and two pints of Shandy with which each toasted the other.

The talks lasted for some time and a spokesman said that the meeting was cordial. The staff at the location have all been issued with gagging orders and no further details are expected to emerge.


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