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Monday, February 15, 2016

Blogathon Day 15 - Big Business Old & New

As a wise Blogger once said "I went down to that London today".

Christ in a bucket, I forgot what a complete pain in the derriere the traffic is. It would have been quicker to drive to Greenwich from Loupia than from West London. Then again I forgot what a pain everything is in London. Anyway, I'm now firmly ensconced in the Ibis hotel which is a relief becaue I was convinced I was staying in a Holiday Inn Express and I couldn't find it. I haven't been down Greenwich way for many a year but it hasn't changed a lot but it does appear to be tarted up a bit more than it was, although I've only seen it in the cover of darkness so far.

I can actually see this view from my hotel window although I came down the road to get a slightly better shot. On the right is the Cutty Sark. The fastest Tea Clipper to have ever set sail which made a fortune in it's day. You may remember it burned down or whatever ships do when caught in a conflagration, a few years back and it now has a nice glass visitor centre that it rests on. In the background is Canary Wharf, seat of the money grabbing, blood sucking, bankers and others, (other sites of money grabbing, blood sucking bankers are available). Both are symbols of big business and interesting to be able to see them together like that.

And now I must make a confession.

It's my first time in the big city on my own since we left and I knew there was something I needed to do as soon as I got a chance. I signed in to the hotel and as soon as I could get myself ready I went on the hunt. Even in modern day Greenwich, at night it didn't take long for me to espy a likely target. And I couldn't believe I'd scored with my first attempt. Now, things always go a bit smoother, and one is less nervous if you haven't done it for a bit, with a glass of alcohol, So I asked a local barman for a pint of Kronenburg which he duly delivered for £4.50, less than I thought it was going to be and then with a quick slug of the amber nectar, (wrong marketing message), I sidled over. Checked I had not just enough money but the right money. Slowly I fumbled towards the goal and slotted it home. The firt pound coin was in and the quiz machine was all mine. 8 months since I've played. A little rusty I must say, my knowledge, not the machine, but by the end I was £1 up on the evenings entertainment so I'm satisfied with that. But now I've had a taste of it I know tomorrow night I'll be back again.


  • Don't do it, Dave. You know it's a slippery slope.
    Yes, you might be a pound up now, but remember: the bank always wins and by the end of the week you could be down by as much as three or even four quid.

    By Blogger Masher, At 5:26 AM  

  • I know. I'm a fool unto myself. And that's enough to buy an entire village and all you can drink back home in Loupia. And probably a new car as well. Athough it would have to be a French one.

    By Blogger kennamatic, At 5:52 PM  

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