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Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Boys are Back in Town

Once in a while some of my ex-schoolmates and I get together and talk over old times. Although to be fair there is a little less reminiscing and more catching up with news for the last few months. I mean how many times can you relive the famous Chalk Fight at the Back Stairs. And there are a lot of memories between us. Our collective age is just short of half a millenium!

We are all beginning to look a little older than we did when we first met, over 40 years ago. But one of them has been a friend since infant school and we have known each other 50 years and pretty much kept in touch throughout. There was a report a few days ago, possibly in the Grauniad, listing the top five things that people in the final stages of a terminal illness wished had been different in their lives. One of them was to have kept in touch with friends rather than just lose touch and drift away. I may have many things in my life I would change but one I am content with is the friend base I have kept throughout my life. The internet has made a great difference. These reunions came about through Friends Reunited. Most contact between us is via e-mail. But it doesn't matter how you stay in touch as long as you do.

Why not track down an old mate today, you'll both appreciate it if you do.


  • It is good that you can keep in touch with your old school friends. It was through Friends Reunited that I managed to contact three very good chums from school. One of them I have known for 65 years, she stayed in Wales. Another I have known for 60 years, she moved to Devon and another whom I first met at Grammar School when I was about 13, he lives in Fiji but we did get together a few years ago. His memory is far better than mine.

    By Blogger Toffeeapple, At 6:41 PM  

  • The Old Boys Association of one of my schools has an annual dinner/reunion. I've never been, but I do get the annual newsletter. The list of dinner attendees gets shorter every year.

    By Blogger Brennig, At 12:51 AM  

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