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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Surrey Lifestyle

Last night we were watching Escape to the Country on BBC2. Normally it involves couples who want to leave the town and get into the countryside to an idyllic property with no neighbours to overlook them, with fabulous views for miles, with handy local amenities which must include food shops, pubs, schools, clothes etc. no major roads but easy access to work 50 miles away, at least 5 bedrooms even though there are only 2 of them and it must cost less than a bedsit in Harlesden.

Last night wasn't much different other than they were moving about a bus ride away from Wimbledon to Surrey, the northern border of which is 2 miles down the road at New Malden. But as well as looking at properties they always have a little interlude doing something i n the new area that they can look forward to taking part in.

Yesterday it was Llama Trekking!

Surrey is full of Llamas and Alpacas. Probably nearly as many as in the Andes. If you drive down the A3 you can see them off to the left when you get down Cobham way. Now, if I was thinking about going llama trekking I might fear I'd look a bit of a dickhead riding along on a llama, it's not exactly a macho image. But I needn't have worried because when you go llama trekking in Surrey you don't do anything as gauche as actually riding the llama. You pay for the privilege of walking for miles leading the llama along on a rein.

Surrey - The only county in England where you can convince the populace to pay vast amounts of money to take your livestock on their daily exercises!


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