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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Talent

I've just been watching the a new comedy duo, or new to me, Watson & Oliver. I actually think they are quite good. I rarely think that of new comedy talent. Armstrong & Miller was the last comedy I liked. And apart from Benidorm and Outnumbered, both a little old now, that's about it. Well, I don't mind a bit of Harry Hill. Not everything worked but I did like the Sense & Sensibility spoof. Question Hour was good. Even the John Barrowman finale worked. The "eyebrow" sketch worked in the main but went on a little too long and lost it's way. The Wills and Kate one wasn't bad. I shall definitely watch episode 2 but can they keep up the level. That may be my comedy tv highlight of the week, but then again, the new series of Benidorm starts Friday.


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