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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All of Life is There

I have to say that I rather enjoy the world of property management. Like most jobs it can certainly be stressful and after 31 years of not working in an office I'm finding some days feel rather claustrophobic, but I always missed the social side of being in an office environment and to be fair, it's helped by having a small but friendly team to be with now, so it seems like a good decision.

The other thing like most jobs, is that some of the clients you have to deal with are "characters" and some of the situations a little different.

Just today we have had a tenant on the phone in a panic because a light bulb had blown and she wanted us to send out a contractor to change it for her. Now if it was an old lady we might well do, and sometimes if they are very high ceilings and the landlord has provided no ladder we will also do it. This was a perfectly fit 20 something woman who decided that this is a rented flat and she shouldn't have to do any "repair" work. We sadly had to disabuse her of that point of view.

We had a landlord who wants compensation because, despite being told what her electricity bill was going to cost her, despite being given all the bank details she needed to pay it, despite asking us to chase Southern Electric for a hardcopy of the bill for her records which has taken SSE 5 weeks to send, she has decided because it only turned up today and we scanned it in and sent it straight out, it's our fault that the payment is overdue. Because she doesn't think it's her fault, nor Southern Electric's. What makes it worse, is that we don't even manage her property so we shouldn't have been helping her out anyway.

And occasionally you see some building repair that isn't perhaps quite up to standards. Like the one my colleague saw yesterday. The shower curtain rail was a bit wobbly, so they did what anybody might do, they secured it by wrapping wire round it and then securing the other end of the wire to the light bulb holder on the ceiling. I may append the photo to this post tomorrow, because you wouldn't believe anyone could be so stupid.


  • Oh yes I would.
    But I'd still like to see the photo anyway.

    By Blogger Masher, At 5:00 PM  

  • Yes, I would too. Picture please.

    By Blogger Toffeeapple, At 5:58 PM  

  • Didn't get a chance to transfer it today and I can't log on to Blogger at work cos they think we would spend all our time writing stuff instead of working. How well they know me. Try again tomorrow.

    By Blogger kennamatic, At 7:18 PM  

  • I worked for a Manchester-based housing trust for a year. The things I've seen would make your hair curl.

    By Blogger Brennig, At 9:32 PM  

  • We've all seen hair curlers, Bren.

    By Blogger Masher, At 9:41 PM  

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