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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Long Goodbye

I suspect much of the next two months is going to involve saying goodbye to people. At this distance it is poeple I may have known a long time but are more acquaintances than friends.

Tonight I took part in the quiz at the local bowls club. I will see the members of my team again at least a couple of times but the rest of the people there, well, I doubt it. I've been going there since the early 1980s, not always often, but it spans over half my life, if only just.

Last night I resigned as Chairman of HLO, my musical theatre group. I will be seeing these people regularly until we go but there will now be an EGM and I will be replaced, swiftly.

It seems strange having said goodbye to some people whilst others I know much better and am closer to, particularly my immediate work colleagues, have no idea about France other than it's where I go on holiday.

Once it gets down to saying goodbye to my closest friends, even though I will see them relatively often, I suspect that is when it will really hit home that we are going and life is going to be changing very significantly.


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