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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Watching Paint Dry

So we got in this morning to discover we had a power cut. No phones. No computer. No heating. No Kettle. No light in the toilet!

And without electricity we discovered we can't do a thing. Absolutely everything depends on being able to access the intranet.

It was our new girl's birthday to day so that was nice. We all had a chat about what we did last night. Then what we might do tonight. Phones were checked. We tidied drawers, handbags, and cleaned desks, phones, computer keyboards.

So now it was 9.30 and so all we could do was sit around and chat, then chat less, then have heated discussions on contentious issues. And go for lunch.

And still no electricity.

More talking, eating of birthday cake, making paper planes, anything to stop the boredom.

At 3.30 we were told the electric wouldn't be back on until 5.15 to 5.30. Home time.

So the team leader rang the boss and asked whether we could shut down for the rest of the day. No.

4.55. The lights came on,the phones reset themselves, the computers fired up, the connection to the internet spluttered slowly into life.

Just time to see how much work we would have to catch up with tomorrow.

For Gods sake, there's tons of it.

Fingers crossed there's no electricity in the morning otherwise it'll be hell.


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