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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For amateur dramatics there is an umberella organisation and is the fount of all knowledge.

NODA or the National Operatic & Dramatic Organisation.

as well as providing insurance for am dram companies they have awards and help promote companies, offer advice and help wth legal problems. We also get to check out what other companies are putting on and whether we want to run off and perform with them. They also offer reviews of performances which can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes not. In fact the pantomie I am performing in France is scripted by NODA which perhaps I shouldn't really be mentioning as it may not be licenced for eperformnce here. (Oh yes it is, oh no it isn't etc.).

I became very involved with them at one point when we discovered a problem with one of the reviewers and they were exellent at dealing with the situation.

Anyway, you can find your local societies if you want to go se a performance or perhaps tread the boards. And even mre imortant for a lot of companies, if you want to work backstage.


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