Thursday, October 12, 2017

WebOct 12

I love a good quiz. And there aren't any pub quizzes here, mainly because there aren't any pubs. So once a week I sign in to


Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes there isn't. There are plenty of participants many of which are better than me. I normally end up between 50th and a 100th over the 12 week league averaging between 7 and 8 points out of 10 but I once managed 38th with an 8+ score average.

In addition he has a "single of the week" page giving the story behind the song, birthdays for the week and other trivia pages.

If you like a music quiz then why not join in? Just please don't beat me!


Masher said...

A music quiz? Not worth me even trying, mate. I am rubbish with such things.
That thing that someone does on Radio 2 of a morning: don't think I've ever got one right!

Toffeeapple said...

Me neither! I simply don't have a clue about music.