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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June Music Blogathon - Day 22

A song that makes me laugh.

Warning. Funny as I might find it to think you'd done it, you probably don't want to have these selections blaring out round the office. And perhaps not in front of children. Although kids today......

My first encounter with Ivor Biggun was his biggest hit, The Winker's Song (Misprint). Many of his song titles are misprints!Beggars Banquet had a record shop on Ealing High Street and this would be played over the external loudspeaker. It was 1978.

I didn't take much notice of him after that although he appeared on television quite a lot but in his other persona as Doc Cox on That's Life.

He reappeared 20 years later when I went to Blackpool with my mate JC in 1998. The club we went to had a favourite track it would play called Anybody Seen My Cock, a tale of a farmer who has a prize cockrel!

It was then I started tracking down some other songs. I could list them all but there are two deserve a special mention.

Hello My Baby, I think possibly his only clean song which is a reworking of an old song. The Magnificent M & I performed this duet in a concert.

My Girl Has Got A Pussy, a song reflecting on his girlfriends cat and what it might have got up to. We would have loved to have done this in concert, that might have woken some of the old dears up in the audience!

In the end I have chosen one that delights me whenever I choose to listen and, in general, very mild for him.
Ivor Biggun - Majorca Song


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