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Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Music Blogathon - Day 30

A song I’ve heard from someone else that I like.

I've struggled with this one. Not because I haven't been influenced by other people's suggestions. Most of my girlfriends in my teens introduced me to groups I wouldn't have perhaps listened to if not for them. My brother has also introduced me to stuff. Most notably Banco De Gaia when he bought me their CD, You Are Here, as it had been his record of the year. But that doesn't lend itself to one song. You need to isten to the whole thing as tracks meld from one to another. And in fact if you loop it you would never hear the beginning or end as that runs through too. It's a mix of Trance. Dub, Arabic/Indian influence, a track with a bazouki.... If you like trance and something a little eclectic it is well worth a listen.

So in the end I am going to choose something by an artist I have already chosen. Cat Stevens. My best friend at senior school was Doug McGevor. and we used to skive off in the afternoons and go back to his house. We would ransack his mums larder for tins of strawberries in syrup and listen to either King Crimson or Mr Stevens. His favourite LP was Tea For The Tillerman. I borrowed it and got into it too. And it still has many of my favourite tracks of his. The one I am going for though is Father and Son. And I could kill Westlife for covering it and managing to completely miss the fact it is theroetically a duet.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son


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  • An absolutely wonderful track. Thank you.

    By Blogger Brennig, At 7:04 PM  

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